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Adrian in known for his easy demeanor and extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry. Whether in a professional or a classroom setting, he’s sure to impress audiences. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

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Praise from the Industry

“He is incredibly kind, humble and compassionate, yet he is strong and doesn’t back down from tough situations or conversations.” - Brenda H.

“You can always count on Adrian to get the job done and at a superior quality.” - Todd D.


“He is direct but always professional.” - Bryan L.

“Adrian is… extremely knowledgeable about film and animation.” - Nigel S.

“If you want a superstar director who gets stuff done, Adrian is your guy.” - Chelsey S.

“I am confident that Adrian will be a huge addition to any team he joins in the future.” - Jennifer M.

“He is exceptional at developing and fleshing out concepts.” - Chad L


“In every instance, he’s been generously accommodating and fun to work with, while producing some of my favorite story moments.” - Alan T.

“His knowledge seemed endless and his dedication to his work is inspiring.” - Shane C.

“I appreciate Adrian’s passion and his kindness. He truly cares about people.” - David K.

“Adrian continues to give us consistent, high quality work.” - Sally L.

“…he consistently made me feel valued and appreciated.” - Jed H.

“Adrian’s creativity as a writer, character development artist, animator and storyboard artist is superb.” Tim N.

Story Artist and Cartoonist

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